Such a fun conversation with a very interesting chef. Chef Stark has an amazing story to tell and so much wisdom to share. All young chefs start out pretty egotistical and “untouchable” and as time goes we all become a little more humble. Our competitive nature turns to curiosity as we grow professionally finally ending in a nurturing spirit as we become mentors, teachers, and a source of inspiration for the next generation. 

Keep an eye out for future episodes where we explore the culinary world in its current state and talk about the future of restaurants as we see it. 

If you need help with culinary math or know someone that could benefit from it here is the link to Chef Patrick Starks Math Murder Mystery. Chef Stark makes the process entertaining and easy to follow along and learn a rather mind-numbing yet incredibly important skill. 

Culinary Math Murder Mystery

Sneek Peek of How the Math Murder Mystery Program Works

Make sure to follow along with Chef stark on his social media pages as well. 

TikTok @culinarymmmystery

Facebook @StarkRavingEdutainment

Additional Links to Other Items Discussed in the Show, some of these are affiliate links in which we will make a commission at no cost to you. 

Culinary Artistry by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

This book is  #1 on my list of books I recommend to new culinary students and those ready to start taking cooking seriously.

They have a few follow-up books that need to make their way onto your shelf after as well.

The Flavor Bible – Sometimes that ah-ha moment comes from the obvious but you need help finding it, this is that book.

Kitchen Creativity – For those that cook without recipes and develop recipes, this is your book. Insightful and inspiring for when you find yourself in that creative rut. 

I do not own these so can not speak to them but I have no doubt they are fantastic reads and just as insightful as the rest of their books. 

What to Drink With What You Eat & The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine

If you are looking for Escoffire, le guide culinarie

I would first start at a used book store. Many people pick this up but never do anything with it before selling it. The book itself is not easy reading as it was first published in 1903 in French. It was not translated to English until 1921. If you are a gastronome and enjoy the history of food you will appreciate this cook book.


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