Starting at $10.50/hr in 2000 would be the equivalent of $18/hr today… as a STARTING wage. I don’t know about you but no one in the DFW area is starting entry-level cooks with no experience at $18/hr. This is part of the issue with staffing, low wages that do not grow with inflation over time. It is sad that so many restaurant owners see kitchen staff as nothing more than a low-wage, low-skill job when it requires a lot of skill and talent that is developed over time. 

Culinary School is a smart choice for some, but remember that when you come out of it with your diploma and ego in hand… it does not mean you will be making more money. For many working with great chefs is the best school there is, and real-life experience does translate to more money, without the debt.  

Geography and Cooking – the relationship is closer than you think. I forget where I read about it but I found an article once that discussed the relationship between culinary styles that were on the same latitude line. It is an interesting idea if you think about it. Since those on the same latitude will have similar weather patterns and agriculture. Look into it, and find ways to marry two cultures food styles on the same latitude, it works! 

Cooking for personalities is not a unique concept but for so many chefs it is so foreign to them. Designing menus for restaurants is the same principle. Who is the demographic we expect and how can I create this menu to cater to them so they return frequently? When chefs design menus based on how, and what, they like to eat it narrows their audience to such a small group that they most often will fail. And of course, it will be everyone else’s fault because they did not understand their “artistry” 

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